South Carolina

We strive to help individuals and families with foster care, outpatient therapy, and various support and management systems.

Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services

Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services (RBHS) incorporates techniques and strategies to change someone’s behavior and actions. It is not just getting youth to follow program rules, although that certainly is one goal.


Integrated Assessment and Treatment Plan Development are provided by Licensed Clinicians and/or Medical Doctors. Assessments are intensive, clinical and face-to-face to address client’s mental health history and needs to make recommendations for services.

Outpatient Therapy Services (OPT)

Outpatient Treatment Services (OPT) are intended to help the client achieve and maintain stability, improve their physical, mental and emotional health and cope with or gain control over the symptoms of their illness(es).


Where We Serve

Founder and President, Clarence Sutton, created CTS through his vision of improving the quality of life for children who have experienced unfortunate situations beyond their control. Clarence’s passion for fostering and restoring a child’s belief in his/her potential has continued to be a motivating factor in the agency's and staff's best practices.