OPT Plus

OPT Plus is a combination of outpatient therapy services, monitoring, support, and management of care of interventions for individuals with complex clinical needs that traditional outpatient treatment cannot adequately address. OPT Plus is a level of care between OPT and IIH/CST.

OPT Plus is a home and community-based treatment service focused on decreasing psychiatric and behavioral symptoms in order to reduce the need for higher levels of care or increase the likelihood of a successful transition to Outpatient Therapy from higher levels of care. OPT Plus will improve the beneficiary’s ability to navigate systems and improve functioning in familial, social, educational, or occupational life domains.

OPT Plus services often involve the participation of family members, significant others, and legally responsible person(s) as applicable, unless contraindicated.

OPT Plus consists of evidence based individual/family/group therapy (mental health and substance use disorder treatment interventions) provided in the home and community (services are office based for group and as transitioning to OPT), combined with activities that assist in the monitoring, support, and management of care

We currently partner with Behavioral Health Management MCO and Vaya Health MCO.

OPT plus

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Founder and President, Clarence Sutton, created CTS through his vision of improving the quality of life for children who have experienced unfortunate situations beyond their control. Clarence’s passion for fostering and restoring a child’s belief in his/her potential has continued to be a motivating factor in the agency's and staff's best practices.