Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever done something nice for someone, “just because”? You didn’t owe them a thing and you weren’t hoping for anything in return. Then you’ve done a random act of kindness.

Why Random Acts of Kindness May Be Good For Us? 

Researchers have suggested that happiness is what we experience when we act in ways that promote our survival. Kindness helps us build healthy relationships with those who may be able to protect and support us, so psychologists believe that kindness makes us happy because it helps us survive and thrive.

Who Performs Random Acts of Kindness?

Some people are more likely to practice random acts of kindness. Here are some of the influences that may lead us to be kind:

  • Witnessing our family engage in random acts of kindness likely makes it more likely that we will too.
  • If another describes us as kind, we’re more likely to engage in random acts of kindness.
  • If we witness an act of kindness, we are more likely to show kindness. Kindness is contagious.

Want to engage in random acts of kindness? Here are some ideas and feel free to adopt them and fit them to your needs.

  1. Compliment someone on one of their personality traits 
  2. Write a handwritten thank you card 
  3. Text a friend to share your gratitude for something they did for you.
  4. Leave a positive review online for a business
  5. Compliment a photo someone posts on social media
  6. Let someone get in front of you in line
  7. Introduce two people who may have common interests
  8. Pick up trash
  9. Compliment someone
  10. Shovel snow off the sidewalk in your neighborhood
  11. Offer to mow the lawn for a neighbor
  12. Give up your seat on the plane to let a couple sit together
  13. Talk to someone at a party that doesn’t seem to know anyone
  14. Invite someone new in your town to a social event and introduce them to others
  15. Invite a friend that you haven’t seen in a while out to lunch
  16. Offer to pick up a friend at the airport
  17. Spend time with seniors at a local retirement home
  18. Address cashiers, waiters, or other service people by their first names
  19. Offer to bring someone else's grocery cart back to the store
  20. Keep an extra pen in your purse to give people when they need one
  21. Put a positive note in a library book
  22. Attend events that support your friends’ passions (like an art show, musical performance, etc…)
  23. Donate unused items to charity
  24. Bring snacks to the local fire or police station
  25. Keep packs of toothpaste or packs of socks in your bag to give to the homeless
  26. Post an uplifting photo on a friend’s social media
  27. Tell a parent that they’re doing a great job raising their kids
  28. Help to connect a friend seeking a job to someone who has a job to offer
  29. Make dinner for your friend group
  30. Bring in the trash bins for your neighbor after trash has been picked up
  31. Send an email to a former teacher to let them know how they impacted your life
  32. Leave a thank you note in your mailbox for your mail carrier
  33. Buy a gift card to give to a stranger
  34. Buy a sandwich for the next person in the lunch line
  35. Leave a sticky note with a positive note somewhere public, like at a bus stop or restroom
  36. Put coins in someone’s parking meter that is about to run out
  37. Slow down to let someone merge in front of you in traffic
  38. Be on time
  39. Hold the door open for the person walking behind you
  40. Give an extra big tip when eating out
  41. Share veggies you grow in your garden with friends, neighbors, and family
  42. Become an organ donor
  43. Volunteer at the local animal shelter